Investor Center

Investor Center

Budapest Real Estate is one of the premier real estate agencies in Hungary. For its own benefit, and that of its clients, Budapest Real Estate seizes the extraordinary opportunities which exist in owning real estate in the newly ascended Central European countries, specifically in the capital cities such as Budapest . Such a strategy employed in the burgeoning Budapest real estate market (Hungary joined the EU in May, 2004), has produced historically per annum returns on investment in excess of 20% or more taking into account rental income and modest renovations. Find research material and useful tips on how to invest in Budapest. Information on taxes, descriptions of districts, legal procedures, frequently asked questions as well as 7 Steps of Purchasing Property:

7 Steps of Purchasing Property

Step 1: Budapest's Appeal

Imagine if you had the possibility to go back in time and purchase property 20 or 30 years ago …for instance in your home country or any other part of the world. This of course is only fiction but luckily history tends to repeat itself and looking at countries having recently joined the EU, you are about to get a second chance. 

Join a real estate market that is about to experience the same events that occurred in countries that have been EU members for years.

The Hungarian GDP figures are to improve to EU levels in 10-15 years’ time. Economists are predicting a steady and well above EU-average growth for the forthcoming years (and decades!), meaning that Budapest – the driving force between the Hungarian economy’s performance – is to attract more and more investment.

Step 2: Selecting

At first perhaps you might find it difficult to decide on what type of property to invest in. The selection is diverse ranging from apartments in turn-of-the-century buildings to off-plan homes that are to be built in the next couple of months. The decision, of course, is always yours however, most properties on our books have been hand picked to meet the investor’s needs.

To help you make a decision about what property to go for we have put together a checklist with a number of questions. Once you’ve answered the checklist questions, you’ll get a very good idea of what your options are. This way you will be in the position to select the most appropriate type of apartment or house.

Step 3: Viewing

Once you’re in Budapest and ready to “get into it”, your Capital Real Estate agent will be there to discuss some basic questions about your property viewing on the very same or following day.

Take a sightseeing tour to get acquainted with the capital before you start looking at properties. Your agent will be at your disposal to help you out with necessary arrangements.

Maximize the time spent in Budapest and let us organize the property viewings according to previous discussions. At the beginning of the ‘journey’ you will receive a folder with an information package and further details on the properties you visit.

Once you’ve found a property you decide to purchase, we suggest you to make an offer as soon as possible since as a rule of thumb, the individual making the first acceptable offer will be entitled to purchase the property.

Step 3: Ownership

After you have selected a particular property and the offer has been accepted the next issue to decide is whether you wish to purchase the property as a legal entity (company) or as an individual. Look at the conditions below on what it takes to purchase a property either way:


Step 5: The Purchase

The process of purchasing will depend on each property and also on whether you want to purchase the selected property as a legal entity (company) or as an individual.

Step 6: Payment

The scheduling of payments will depend on the conditions and agreements between the seller & the buyer. However, according to our experience the following schedule is usually preferred by both parties.


Step 7: Acquisition

Finally it’s time to take possession of your property. After full payment is received by the law-office and the funds have been transfered to the seller of the property, the law-office will register your title deed at the Budapest Land Registry.

You are now the official proud new owner of your Budapest property!

Your keys will be transferred to the address that you specify or will be held until your following visit to Budapest. 

Post-purchase services:
Moving: If you wish to move in to your new apartment we will be able to assist you with moving.
Renovation and insurance: In case you need to renovate your new acquisition or you want to have it insured contact your consultant who will be able to assist you.
Instant rental: If you aim to have your property rented out or managed by Capital Real Estate please contact us, and we will do our best to find you a tenant as soon as possible.