Property Sales

With a strong focus on high-quality and high-yield investment, we provide You with an impressive portfolio of available Budapest Property and real estate outside the capital. With constant market screening, and always up-to-date information on the latest developments we are ahead of competition in identifying investment opportunities. Whether it be classical, century old masterpieces in the downtown, or new riverside projects with a relaxing atmosphere and a breathtaking view, You are in the right place to make an excellent choice for Your investment!

Did You Know?

The average price of good, centrally-located properties in Budapest is estimated to be between €1 300 - €2 000 per m².

Foreign Investment

Hungary gets nearly one third of all foreign direct investment flowing into Central Europe, totaling more than US$185 Billion since 1989.

Strategic Location

Budapest is a popular location for large multinational companies, over 45 of the 50 blue-chip multinationals are located here.

EU Funding

€22.6 Billion of EU funding currently being invested in the Hungary, improving country's infrastructure.